5 seconds of summer

8/10 Very talented musicians
I am really loving this band at the moment. Their songs are so good. I like their fun, singing along songs like Don’t stop. However, it’s their sad songs that are so beautiful like Amnesia, that leaves me feeling emotional. I don’t always feel an emotion with a song, I just hear a nice beat or like catchy lyrics, but this song makes me feel. So anyone who can make me do that is very talented.

I like their new album as well. It follows the same with upbeat songs followed by some emotional ones. My favourite album would be their self titled one because it just draws me in each time I listen to it. I had to listen to Sounds good feels good a few times before I liked it. I look forward to hearing new stuff from these guys.

If you can I also recommend you listen to their version of What I like about you. I absolutely love it!!! 

5 seconds of summer 5 seconds of summer Reviewed by Everything Beth on 00:30 Rating: 5

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