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Rosalind James is one of my favourite authors at the moment. Her writing is so good and her characters are so lovable. I have read most of her Escape to New Zealand series, which I highly recommend. These books are about New Zealand and their rugby team the All Blacks. She really shows the love of the sport and creates strong sexy men you can’t help fall in love with each time you read her books. You get a view of Maori culture throughout the books as well.

I recently read her Fierce novel, which was different than her usual style but just as enjoyable. It was saucier than the Escape series. This time focusing on a Millionaire from New Zealand rather than the rugby team. The main character, Hemi is all about control. 

I would suggest trying the Escape series first, as they were her first series. But you don't need to read them to understand her other series. She also has the Kincaid  and Paradise, Idaho series.

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