Cooking implements

Every household NEEDS these items It will make cooking easier and less time consuming. Perfect for lazy people like myself or working families that struggle to find time to cook homemade meals. First we have the slow cooker. I was lost and I didn't even know it before we bought ours. I could not cope without it. Slow cooked food tastes amazing. Meat becomes so tender; it falls right off the bone. You can put your meal on before going to work on low and when you get home a homemade meal is ready to be eaten so you don’t have to start when you get in. Therefore, saving you time and energy.

A steamer is the next item people need. Put all your vegetables in one easy to us appliance and keep most of the nutrients you need. It’s the healthier option to cooking vegetables and I recommend you try one if you haven’t already.

A good knife is a good instrument to have. I love my Santoku knife, it makes chopping so much easier. No more food sticking to the knife whilst I'm cutting. It has grooves on the side which lets the piece of food slide right off.

The mini food processor Zyliss is my latest cooking tool. You can definitely get by without one but I like using mine. It was a birthday present last year. I went to a cooking demonstration with my Gran and said how much I liked the chef using the Zyliss, so she bought it for me. You can get different brands, that are just as good and cheaper but I fell for the Zyliss when I saw it in action and love using it.

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