Horrible Histories

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Award winning BBC programme. It may be aimed for children but I absolutely love this series. I discovered it on Netflix about two months ago. It only had two seasons but it was enough to get me hooked. I got the box set
1-5 for my birthday and watched every episode with anticipation.

For those who have never heard of this entertaining show, it is a history programme throughout the ages. Sketches are performed by an incredible cast. In each episode they perform a song relating to one of the eras covered in the episode. Some of the eras are Vicious Vikings, Rotten Romans, Vile Victorians, Measley Middle Ages to name a few. You learn how medicine has changed and some of the so called cures that the medical profession came up with in their era. At some point pee, poo and vomit will be mentioned as different uses. It is named horrible histories so be prepared to be disgusted at times by what you will learn.

It is educational and fun so the little ones will watch and learn things that maybe the schools don’t cover. It could also be something you enjoy to watch so you could bond over it. I must warn the songs are very catchy and will get stuck in your head but some of them are so good you won’t mind. 
Horrible Histories Horrible Histories Reviewed by Everything Beth on 01:00 Rating: 5

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