Overtone Concert

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10/10 couldn't have been better. Perfect night
If you thought their albums were good- try seeing them live. Amazing!! I saw them in June and was very happy with the night. We had great seats and saw the guyss clearly on the stage. The merchandise was typical prices you would expect. I was still reeling months later at how good a night it was. Even their support act was brilliant. A man named Karl Morgan who has his own band Who’s Molly, which are just as amazing, although different music than the Overtones tend to do. I think they will be big in 2016.

Check out this video for a little taste of seeing them live.

If I see a band I try to wait a few years before seeing them again but the Overtones were so amazing that I can’t wait for them to go on tour again. I will definitely be seeing them again. The guys are so talented and were so funny on stage. The songs that they performed were amazing. Even though the tour was after the latest album at the time had been released they also played their earlier stuff which is just as good. They also write their own songs which are so good. I also have a little more love for a group if I know that they write their own stuff as well.

The Overtones are definitely my favourite band at the moment. 

Overtone Concert Overtone Concert Reviewed by Everything Beth on 00:30 Rating: 5

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