Ridiculous 6

Disappointing. 3/10

Adam Sandler does an amazing film followed by a flop. This is definitely a flop. I love Adam Sandler and think he is an amazing actor/comedian/musician. He is very talented however his movies lately have been happening in a pattern, one wonderful movie followed by a flop. The last films of his I saw were Pixels and Ridiculous 6. Pixels was really entertaining and funny whilst Ridiculous 6 was just silly. Actually the title does really suggest the film. It was completely ridiculous. It had some of his friends in as is typical in his films, which I don’t mind. I actually like seeing which one of his friends is going to be in it and what character they are going to play. The only upside is knowing that his next film should be really good as this one was just terrible.
Ridiculous 6 Ridiculous 6 Reviewed by Everything Beth on 00:30 Rating: 5

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