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I thoroughly recommend this film. It's Marvel which I always enjoy watching. As soon as I see Marvel across the screen in a trailer I'm guaranteed to watch it when it comes out. Ryan Reynolds is amazing in this film. In fact all the cast are amazing but Ryan really does steal the show. You will be laughing throughout the film. Straight off you'll be laughing and won't stop until the end. There are a lot of in jokes which are hysterical.

It really caters for everyone. There is action, humour and romance. I'm sure kids would love to watch it, however it is a rating 15 for a reason. There is swearing, nudity and plenty of violence. Do stay until the very end because it follows other Marvel films by having a scene after the credits. With the success of the film already I'm sure we'll be seeing more of Deadpool and I can't wait.

Deadpool Deadpool Reviewed by Everything Beth on 00:30 Rating: 5

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