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I love the fire TV stick. I bought it last year when it was on sale and use it all the time. When I became a prime member on Amazon I was watching the programmes on my laptop or Kindle but was getting frustrated with it because it was slow on the laptop and I had to hold the kindle the entire time making the experience of watching favourite shows and movies not enjoyable. After reading some reviews and seeing the TV stick was on sale decided to buy it and haven’t regretted it once. You plug it into the back on your TV and watch whatever you want through Amazon instant video or add your favourite apps like Netflix and watch hours of TV.

I was a prime member first so watched was available then saw certain programmes were on Netflix as well. I downloaded the free app to my stick then became a member. If you like a programme, it’s normally on one or the other so you get to watch your favourite shows on your TV whenever you want. However sometimes there are some programmes you have to pay extra to watch through Amazon instant video. If you don’t want to pay the extras look out for the prime banner across the item, you want to watch.

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