Tips on saving money

Want money for a rainy day? Want to splurge on an amazing holiday this year? Save for a house or car? Here are some money saving tips for you to try..

  • Do a budget. Yes it's time consuming but if you don't really know where your money is going or how much of it you are using this is a good way to start. I created a budget for six months to see what I was buying and if I really needed the things. I was surprised to find there were things I could cut back on each month.
  • Set an amount you want to aim for. I try to save £200 a month once I saw my budget. Sometimes I am under but sometimes I go over so it evens out. Check your budget to see how much you could be saving monthly. If it's only £10 that's really an extra £120 a year.
  • Go to compare sites. I went to last year for my car insurance and saved money three times by doing so. 1st by changing providers I saved money. 2nd I paid my insurance in one payment instead of instalments, therefore saving about £10. 3rd because I went through comparethemarket they offer meerkat movies which is 2 for 1 on Tuesday or Wednesday, meaning I save money on cinema tickets. Win!!
  • When shopping for things ask yourself do you really need it. Most of the time the answer is no, so don't buy it.
  • If you are shopping look around, there could be a place where you could get your item cheaper.
  • Grocery shopping, try Aldi. I normally go to Aldi twice a month to get cheaper, long lasting products. Aldi doesn't sell everything so I normally go for fresh fruit and veg. But shop at my normal supermarket every week for all the other things I want. 
  • Freeze food. By freezing left overs you are not wasting food, therefore not wasting money.
  • Turn off electrical appliances and light bulbs. If you are not using them, turn it off. You leave the room, turn the light off. You stopped watching TV, get up and turn it off. No point having things on if you are not using them.
  • Put all spare change in a tin or jar. I wait until the end of the year and count all the money before putting it in my account but that's because it's a nuisance for me to get to my bank and I hate doing it. You can go whenever you like, I just prefer annually.
  • Go to when shopping online.

Go on excel now to download the correct type of budget planner you want to use and start saving money.
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