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I absolutely love Jane Austen and Colin Firth, so when I found out we could visit places that were filmed in the 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice you know I'm going. Lyme Park is a National Trust site located in Cheshire. It was the outside of Pemberley. Also the lake where Mr Darcy gets his shirt wet. You know the scene.

The inside of the house is beautiful but had nothing to do with the show. There is a guide in each room who will tell information about the room and history of the family that owned Lyme.

The grounds are so beautiful I understood why they wanted to film there. The whole time I was thinking Colin Firth has walked these steps and now so have I.

The gift shop was a disappointment. I expected a big shop full of Pride and Prejudice merchandise, like I heart Mr Darcy T-shirts. They had the books and films available. A few bookmarks, magnets, and a bag. I wanted more. However, I still had a wonderful time and recommend anyone who is a fan to go see it.

Image result for sudbury hallThe inside of Pemberley was another National Trust site, Sudbury Hall located in Derbyshire. The inside was gorgeous and you start to remember parts of the show when you look around. I have mixed feelings about this property. I did enjoy myself but the staff took our bags which contained water and some houses can be quite stuffy that you need to keep hydrated and some fresh air. We had to go throughout the house and around the property to get back to where our bags were when we started to feel ill. So if you suffer any medical conditions you may want to avoid this one or just stick to the grounds. I have noticed that about half the National Trust sites that I've been to have taken our bags and said we weren't allowed to drink. But seriously to take our water especially during the hot summer days seems a little too much. It's not like we are going to have a water fight and ruin 300 hundred year old paintings.

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