5 best things about living in the countryside

I have been fortunate enough to live in cities and the countryside. I have lived in the countryside for the last ten years and love it. I'm lucky that it is on the outskirts of town so it's not far should I feel the need to go and get my city fix. 10 minute drive and I'm surrounded by people. Here is my top 5 things I enjoy about living in the countryside.

  1. Hardly any crime. It is practically non-existent. A farmer in the next village had a tractor stolen. Why someone would steal one no idea. But that is the most criminal activity we've had since we moved out here.
  2. Peace and quiet. It's nice and calm in the countryside. Town and cities are so hectic and full of people it's nice to get away from that from time to time.
  3. Fresh air. Less people means less cars which equals less pollution. 
  4. Room to breathe. Houses aren't built on top of your neighbours when in the country. You get more privacy. At one point our nearest neighbour was down a hill and across the way.
  5. Friendlier people. Not that people aren't friendly in cities and towns, but I've noticed in the country you walk by someone they are more like to smile and say good morning to you.
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