My top 5 vampires in TV

I love vampire shows and movies, below is in my opinion the best vampires in TV.

5. Josef from Moonlight. The show wasn't the greatest but I watched it every week so I could admire Josef Kostan. He was rich, sexy and funny. He knew who he was and didn't apologise for it, unlike his friend Mick St John who just hated being a vampire. Josef really made the show worth watching and I love that he was played by Jason Dohring.            


 4. Caroline from Vampire Diaries. I absolutely love her character. She handled the transition to being a vampire so well. She became so much more once she turned. She's gorgeous, funny and stays true to herself.  

3. Eric from True Blood. He is the hottest, oldest vampire around. he made the show a success, without him it would have been a very different show. I love how intense he was. You never really knew which side of him you were going see.

2. Damon from Vampire Diaries. He is HOT!! As soon as you saw him you just knew he was going to be bad ass. I love his character so much. He has many layers. Is he evil or just misunderstood? The interaction he has with his brother is just so good. He wants to hate him for eternity but knows he really would be lost without him and the feeling is mutual.

My number one Vampire is and forever shall be Spike from Buffy. I loved him from the get go. He was sexy, dangerous, funny and emotional. He had all the best lines. I was so glad when he came back as a regular in season 4. I just wished he had gotten with Buffy properly. I was a Spuffy fan all the way. He was way better for her than Angel in my opinion.

Let me know your top 5 Vamps in TV.
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