Pros and Cons of DVD wallet

eSecure - Large 416 x CD DVD Disc Storage Wallet Holder Carry Case with Carry Handle - Massive 416 Disc Capacity!I bought a few of these wallet cases for my CDs and DVDs. At first I wasn't going to but then I saw how much room I had left on my bookcases and knew I would be getting more for my birthday and Christmas, so it was buy a few cases or splurge on getting another bookcase which I didn't have room for. My brother was the first to buy one. He bought two actually, one for his games and another for his DVDs. When I saw how much room was left on his bookcase I decided to do the same. Below is a list of pros and cons in whether you should get one or not.

  • More space on bookcase                                                           
  • Takes up very little room                                                          
  • Very organised                                                                          
  • Holds over 400 discs
  • Practicable
  • Affordable cost about £10 including postage

  • Out of sight out of mind
  • Need storage for the cases
  • When you get a new disc you may have to reorganise your wallet

My bookcase is now for blu-rays and box-sets, leaving room for me to buy more.

How do you store your things?
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