Films I've seen in April

I've been rather busy this month so the latest films I've seen are slim pickings just because I haven't had the time to watch more. Hopefully next month I will have more as there are quite a few movies I really want to see.

Mr Right starring Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick.
It's sort of like Grosse Point Blank. You have a hitman but he kills the people who hire him. He meets a girl and falls for her fast. I enjoyed this film mainly because I love Anna. I enjoyed Sam's performance as the hitman. But overall the film wasn't great. I'm glad I watched it but wouldn't own it.

Burnt starring Bradley Cooper
I was bored watching this one. I really like Bradley and his performance was fine. It just wasn't my cup of tea. I much prefer a little humour in my films. This was just serious throughout. I did watch the entire film so there was the hook of will he manage to do it or not but I wouldn't own it.

What films have you seen this month? 
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