Marvel vs DC

I have to point out that I have never read the comic books of either group but have watched the cartoons and movies. So I can't say whether or not they stick to the original material. However I've seen enough to know which ones are worth watching.

It is quite the tricky question which is better Marvel or DC. I'm mean everyone has their favourite superhero. I think on entertainment value though Marvel films outweigh DC's overall. There are a few exceptions such as RED, loved that film. Marvel has action, romance and humour throughout their films, making it a little something for everyone. Whereas DC films tend to be darker more grittier. You are less likely to laugh from a DC film. If I see a trailer that has the Marvel logo I'm already hooked. Of course I'll watch the trailer to see if I'm really interested, but I'm most likely going to watch it. If I see the DC logo I don't get excited. I'll still watch the trailer then decide if I think it's worth seeing or not. I'm still not sure if I want to see Batman vs Superman.

However in TV I would say DC is better and more successful. I have no idea why it's such a difference from small screen to big, but the shows have more humour. Yes they can still be darker than Marvel but for some reason the shows are more entertaining than the films.

So in my opinion it would be Marvel films, DC TV shows. I'm really loving Lucifer. Is anybody else watching that show? Tom Ellis is an AMAZING devil. Loving it!

In the end it doesn't matter which you prefer watching because there are loads to choose from. You may prefer Batman to Superman, or Captain America to Iron Man. Everyone has a favourite. Who's yours?
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