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Seeing as the weather has started to get nicer. I thought you may want to go out and about more. So I'm going to introduce to you to something that is fun, reasonably priced and suitable for ALL ages. It is Treasure Trails. If you go on their website (click on the logo at the top) you'll find three different type of trails.

  1. Murder mystery
  2. Treasure hunt
  3. Spy
For £7 you get a little guide with clues in your designated area. At the front of the guide it will tell you how long it should take to complete, how many miles you will have walked and if it is wheelchair/pushchair accessible. 

I absolutely love these trails. I have done three already and plan to do more in the future. I even went on one with my Gran, who enjoyed herself. It really is for all ages. If you have kids try it or if you are just a big kid yourself, you'll have fun.

Once you have completed your trail go back on the website, enter your answer and if you are correct you are automatically put in a prize draw for £100. You also receive a certificate to print out saying you completed the trial. So for £7 you get exercise, have a fun time looking for clues and possibly win money. Sounds good to me.
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