Eurovision 2016

I watch Eurovision every year even though we won't winning it anytime soon. I would just be happy to be on the left side of the board and for five minutes it happened last night and we got a 12 from the Jury vote.

The highlight would have to be when the hosts did their song whilst the votes were be calculated. I thought that should have been their song for the competition. I think it would have been a win. It was pure Eurovision and I loved it!!!

I'm not sure why Justin Timberlake was there to perform but I enjoyed his performance. Just worried that USA will want to be involved now.

I don't like the new voting system. It just takes too long. Why do the other countries have to keep talking, why not just say "you did great, here are our numbers". Stop dragging it out. I also want to know who are the Jury because I did not agree with their numbers from us.

I love Graham Norton presenting. I know there is only one Terry Wogan but Graham has done just an amazing job the last few years and I loved his honour to Terry during song 9.

No matter how much it aggravates me, I will be watching next year so I hope Ukraine will be ready. Sweden were really amazing hosts.

Who did you want to win last night? 
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