Fire stick vs Now box

I have previously mentioned the Amazon Fire Stick before but I now have a product to compare it with, so I thought it was worth mentioning again.

I bought the fire stick first and fell in love with it immediately. Then a few months ago I bought the Now TV box as I had heard good things about it. It really depends on what you want out of your viewing pleasure. I really like watching Netflix so I tend to use the stick more than the box. The box does tend to have films and shows that the Amazon Prime or Netflix don't show and vice versa. However I really LOVE the stick. It is one of the best products I've bought. I can't get enough of it.So for me the stick wins!!

Fire Stick
Now Box
Cost £35
Cost £15
Has Netflix (cost £7-£8 a month)
Currently doesn’t have Netflix
Amazon Prime and Instant Video (cost £80 a year)
Sky Channels (cost £6.99 a month for shows £9.99 a month for film)
BBC iplayer and other on demand channels
BBC iplayer and other on demand channels
Small and sleek
Small but bulky
More apps available
Limited apps available

Click the here if you want to check out my previous post.

Which do you prefer, the stick or the box?
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