May's FOTM

Captain America:Civil War  8/10

I always enjoy watching the latest Marvel film and I did enjoy this one. Yes parts of it dragged a little bit and everyone I had spoken to about it said it was AMAZING, and though I enjoyed it, it wasn't my favourite. I think Winter Soldier was better and parts of it just made me think it should have been Avengers 3. Practically everyone was in it. It was interesting seeing who was going to be on whose side and whether they really agreed with whose side they had chosen. You had Black Widow and Hawkeye fighting each other. How is that right?

The introduction of Spider-man was interesting. I actually quite enjoyed it when he came on the screen during the fight scene. There also seems some feelings going on with Vision which I enjoyed. But I really like the interaction between Falcon and Ant-man. New bromance?

What was your film for May?

May's FOTM May's FOTM Reviewed by Everything Beth on 02:40 Rating: 5

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